Automate your Site Maintenance with ToolBox

ToolBox keeps your ERPNext & Frappe sites healthy with it's automated Site Maintenance tools


ToolBox continuously adapts your sites to new traffic & usage requirements

Bid farewell to reviewing and updating your Database Indexes with every upgrade, rather automatically adopt to changing traffic requirements of your site.

Clutter Free

ToolBox provides simple tailored dashboards that cut through the noise. No training necessary.

Hassle free

Simple Installation that just works with any Cloud Provider or Setup.

Performance Booster

Each ERPNext API call triggers an average of 250 SQL queries. ToolBox builds smart indexes which can make these queries upto 3x faster!

Health Checks

Flags misconfigurations in your setup, state inconsistencies and makes sure your backups are valid.


ToolBox runs on your existing setUp. Your data is not accessed by or shared with anyone.

Minimal Footprint

ToolBox works with a minimal overhead to stay out of your way.

One product, multiple solutions

Learn how ToolBox can help fine-tune your sites to get the most of your machines.

Auto Tuning Illustration
More speed. Less spend

Automatic Tuning

Classic Database Administration tasks include analysis of indexes for performance optimization, including adding or removing rarely used indexes. Automatic tuning provides peak performance and stable workloads through continuous performance tuning.

  • Performance tuning of databases
  • Verification of performance gains
  • Rollback and self-correction
Tailored Dashboards Illustration
Meaningful highlights

Tailored Dashboards

Get insights about your Site's health from your usage trends from most frequently used APIs or SQL queries to finding "hot" DocTypes.

  • Disk & Database Usage Insights
  • Rarely Used & Most Critical Indexes
The Watcher Illustration
Security WatchDog
Coming Soon

The Watcher

Looks out for published vulnerabilities in your Frappe Apps, reviews custom Endpoints and tracks dynamic event-driven workflows of your DocType.

  • Nudges for upgrades & patched APIs
  • Evaluates health of live endpoints
  • DocType Side-effect Tracker

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